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Work Packages

FLUMEN Work Packages Overview:

WP 1: General Overview and State of the Art in Erosion and Fluvial Processes Research

Responsible Partners: UNIPA, UAIC/IEG, KSU, TSNUK
Months: 2- 48


WP 2: Links between Fluvial Processes, Erosion, Human Impact and Climate Changes

Responsible Partners: UKW, IEG/IFNUL, MSU
Months: 2- 48


WP 3: Development of Complex Study Methodologies

Responsible Partners: EKUT, SU/IFNUL, MSU
Months: 2- 48


WP 4: Diverse Studies of River Environments

Responsible Partners: UNIFI, UKW/MSU, KSU
Months: 2- 44


WP 5: Series of Model Experiments

Responsible Partners: UNIFI, EKUT, SU/MSU, TSNUK
Months: 2- 48


WP 6: Communication, Dissemination, Networking, Coordination and Management

Responsible Partners: UNIFI/MSU
Months: 1- 48